Kenai river bank fishing and public access locations! River access points for fishing the Kenai River from the bank. The site you are reading “Kenai River Fishing” is about finding access points for fishing the Kenai River from the bank. Not everyone can afford or desires the services of a registered fishing guide, and some prefer not to fish from a boat, this site will assist in locating Kenai bank fishing holes that are accessible to the general public.

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Kenai River Fishing Guides and Kenai River Guide Services

Both guided Alaska salmon fishing and guided Kenai River salmon fishing trips can be an exhilarating adventure. While the first one often takes place somewhere off the grid the second is easily accessible by roads leading out from Anchorage. Sure the remote trips are exciting to experience but those trips are very expensive too. That's one of the nice things about the Kenai River, it's both affordable and accessible too.

Remote fishing trips can cost thousands of dollars just for one weekend. On the Kenai River this cost drops dramatically. That old cliche of "I can't afford a guided fishing trip" is just not true. Let's compare some costs of the do it yourself trip verses the guided fishing trips on the Kenai River.

Kenai River Guided Fishing Trips.

Packing all that gear into the family car and heading down to Soldotna can, to some extent, be avoided as the guides furnish all the fishing rods, reels, hooks, lines and sinkers necessary for the types of fish you're after. Many of us have our favorite rods that we want to use and that is perfectly understood.

Staying in motels or trying to find a campsite on the Kenai can be frustrating and it also can be avoided too.

Restaurants are costly choices for eating when trying to stick to a budget. imaging a cabin, fully equipped with everything from cable tv to all your beds and linens that also has a fully equipped kitchenette and a shower for refreshing after fishing too. There is internet and a personal covered deck that has a BBQ ready if that is something you want for dinner.

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Bank fishing on the Kenai River can be really crowded and often times trying too. You have this special spot all picked out and when you arrive, someone else has already claimed it for the day.

Kenai River Fishing Guides offer salmon and trout fishing trip on the Kenai River in Alaska. As for the how, when and where of these fully guided Kenai River Fishing trips, well that is best left up to you and the guide. Find Kenai fishing guides for salmon and trout fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska by calling us today at (907) 252-5464. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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