Kenai river bank fishing and public access locations! River access points for fishing the Kenai River from the bank. The site you are reading “Kenai River Fishing” is about finding access points for fishing the Kenai River from the bank. Not everyone can afford or desires the services of a registered fishing guide, and some prefer not to fish from a boat, this site will assist in locating Kenai bank fishing holes that are accessible to the general public.

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Fishing the Upper Kenai River.

Bank fishing areas on the upper Kenai river from the outlet of Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing to Jims Landing on Skilak Lake road. Note: The upper Kenai River includes all areas of the river from the waters below Kenai Lake to the areas of the Kenai Canyon above Skilak Lake. From Jim's Landing to the inlet to Skilak Lake is drift boat, raft or hike in only waters. The road does not offer direct access to the river in this area.

Shore fishing on the upper Kenai is available at designated locations within the Chugach National Park and also in the Kenai Wildlife Refuge. Some of those areas include;

Cooper Creek Campground at mile 50.5 of the Sterling Highway. This is just a short distance downstream from the town of Cooper Landing.

Russian River Campground at mile 54 on the Sterling Highway. Parking is available in the campground but this is a very popular area for sockeye salmon and thus very busy. Over 1000 fishermen can be seen fishing here on any given day during the sockeye run.

Russian River Ferry Crossing at mile 55 on the Sterling Highway. Parking is available at the old Sportsmans Lodge parking area and near the Russian River ferry parking lot.

Sterling Highway River Access Points from the Russian River Ferry at mile 55 to the Kenai Wildlife Refuge on the Sterling Highway. Parking is available in designated areas along the sides of the road for a number of miles past the ferry crossing.

Jim's Landing along Skilak Lake Road has now been closed to bank fishing. This is a critical habitat rehabilitation area thus is barricaded off with the bright orange plastic netting for easy recognition.

Kenai River Canyon. This area is accessed via a number of trails along Skilak Lake Road. Although short, these trails can be steep and a good pair of hiking boots is suggested for the trails.

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